RM PGP 2014



Proudly part of the June 2014 Art Spin Tour

An emblem of memory, the photographic portrait serves as a recording of our memories. Yet, unlike a photograph, which is inherently still, our memory is creative and ever changing. Inre-examining a past portrait the viewer can create new notions of its meaning to us. This act of re-remembering reinterprets these moments. In doing so, we re-embroider our past, as some recollections get sharper, brighter, more magnified, while others fade and become blurred. Remembering and forgetting become intertwined and unverifiable. Our reflections of our narrative Self become fragmented as they are caught in a constant state of metamorphous.

About The Artist

Australia-born, Toronto-based

Fine-art photographer Renée Munn is internationally best known for her large-scale black and white collaged portraits composed from multiple negatives using traditional film and darkroom techniques.

As a photographer Munn is interested in the expressive possibilities of the medium. In her work she explores numerous analogue and darkroom techniques such as double and triple exposure, photogram’s, combination printing and cliché verre to alter her figures and create a single image that is both real and imagined. Her collages are finished painted with beeswax and resins and are exhibited unframed and tangible.

Munn has a BFA from Ryerson University’s School of Image-Arts in photography. She has been the recipient of several international awards and her artwork has been acquisitioned for the permanent collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Ryerson University.

Munn’s practice is currently based in Toronto.




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