Art Spin + PGP

After a lengthy hiatus, we’re excited to announce that the PGP is BACK with a fresh coat of paint, a sweet new set of wheels and three new artist installations lined up for the summer of 2014. Things are looking pretty sweet and we can’t wait to share our space with you once again.  

Art Spin

The reason for the PGP’s return is simply Art Spin. If you haven’t heard of this amazing project before- you are missing out! Now in its 5th season, Art Spin is a bicycle tour of art in Toronto. We connected over our mutual desire to bring work out of traditional gallery spaces and passion to create programming that brings together the Toronto art community and the general public. The tour features commissioned multi-disciplinary works, ranging from art performances to site-specific installations, as well as visits to galleries (commercial, artist run & public) and to artists’ studios. As well as monthly bike tours, Art Spin curates and mounts an annual group exhibition at the end of each season taking place in an alternative industrial space.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 9.32.44 AM

Join us June 26, July 31 and September 5 as we tour the city along with about 250 others visiting galleries, studios and fantastic installations.  The PGP will be set up at each stop along the tour so that you can come take a peek!

Hope to see you there!

For more information about where and when the tour starts, go here  www.artspin.ca