Proudly part of the July 2014 Art Spin Tour



A doppelgänger by definition elicits a double-take, they are close but not exact, uncanny but not a substitute. Doppelgängers is an ongoing series of print-based works, which juxtapose small paper objects with detailed copies. Through this work MacDonald investigates the irregularities in haphazard objects by engaging in processes of mimicry and the labour of production.



Kristie MacDonald is a visual artist and writer who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Her Practice engages notions of the archive and the collection, as well as their roles in the evolving meanings and contextual histories of images and artifacts. MacDonald is inspired by the phenomenons of recollection, remembrance and forgetting which drive the human urge to collect, memorialize and revisit. She has recently exhibited her work at the International Print Centre New York, Gallery 44, and Xpace. She holds a BFA from York University specializing in Visual Arts, and an MI from the University of Toronto specializing in Archival Studies.


  1. Doppelgängers (Apt. For Rent)

Found object, relief print and inkjet print on paper



  1. Doppelgängers (663-3948 660-5565)

Found object, relief print on lined paper



  1. Doppelgängers (Cab to airport)

Found object, relief print on post-it note





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