PGP participating in the opening reception of group show, ‘Articulations’ Niagara Gallery April 2008

PGP participating in the opening reception of group show, ‘Articulations’ Niagara Gallery April 2008

The Portable Gallery Project (PGP) is a performative curatorial artwork by artist Heather Phillips, which employs a series of custom-built transportable art galleries to present the work of local emerging artists. Each portable gallery is modeled after an iconic and established Toronto art space. The first gallery in this series is the Olga Korper Edition. By referencing the names and reputations of the galleries it replicates, PGP spaces create new opportunities for emerging artists – on a smaller scale. The gallery is fully equipped to show all mediums in a compact, easily moveable unit.  The PGP has been designed to provide everything you need for a successful exhibition, in one traveling case, creating a unique experience for the artist and viewer alike.PGP began in 2008 as a tongue-in-cheek project addressing the difficulties emerging artists tend to experience procuring desirable and affordable exhibition space in Toronto. PGP offers a clever solution to the obstacles of exclusivity and inexperience faced by new artists in the existing gallery system.

About the artist

Heather Phillips is an artist, educator and curator who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.  She has recently exhibited her work at the Art Gallery of Peterborough as part of The Tree Museum: Easy Come, Easy Go.  She holds a BFA from York University specializing in Visual Arts. She is also the Co-Owner/Creative Navigator of ARTICULATIONS, an independent art store/gallery/studio located in Toronto.



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